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Model-driven simulation approach

From complex systems to operational models

In the fast-paced business and data modeling world, grasping complex systems’ behavior is essential due to their unpredictable dynamics. Simulation models are key for understanding these systems’ unique characteristics. The Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation platform offers industrial professionals the ability to customize or develop simulation models, catering to specific business needs, alongside a variety of pre-packaged models.

Crisis scenarios and Risk Mitigation

Simulating behaviors and scenarios allows industrial partners to assess and mitigate risks associated with their complex systems. They can identify vulnerabilities, evaluate the impact of potential disruptions, and develop strategies to enhance system resilience.

Process optimization and Efficiency

Business leaders can simulate various system configurations, resource allocation, or process improvements, allowing them to identify bottlenecks, streamline operations, and enhance overall efficiency.

Continuous learning and Adaptability

Simulation models can be continually adapted and refined as new data and insights become available. This allows organizations to adapt their strategies based on evolving needs and changing circumstances.

Modeling Methodology

The Cosmo Tech Model-Driven Simulation (MDS) approach offers a structured framework, guiding data modelers from conceptual modeling to practical implementation.

The methodology combines different modeling techniques for developing, calibrating and deploying simulation models that answer fundamental questions about system behavior under various conditions.

The customizable journey starts with a domain model, crafted by experts. Through workshops, deep-dives, and data analysis, our team develops a shared ontology and a high-level model specification.

At the core of this is our proprietary CoSML language and the Cosmo Tech SDK, enabling the transition from high-level models to operational simulation software via automatic code generation.

Tangible outputs

The Cosmo Tech operational model lifecycle methodology features an experimentation framework that iteratively refines models through data collection across simulations. This results in a model that is both conceptually and operationally validated, incorporating domain expertise and advanced experiments, and verified against real-world data.

Our custom simulation models are designed to be reliable predictors and optimizers, facilitating strategic decision-making and operational insights. They power web applications for easy use and broad accessibility.

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“A model is a simplified mathematical representation of a system. In the actual system, many features are likely to be important. Not all of them, however, should be included in the model. Only the few relevant features that are thought to play an essential role in the interpretation of the observed phenomena should be retained.”

– Modeling Complex Systems, by Nino Boccara, 2004