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Innovation at the Future’s Edge: New Accenture Report Urges Enterprise to Embrace the Forces of Change

A pandemic no one saw coming, economic instability, a land war in Europe and the whole world is still getting hotter. Anticipating what lies ahead and making the right choices in an uncertain world is hard, and it seems like it is getting harder. The rapid pace of change demands an innovative response, and Cosmo Tech and its partners like Accenture are leading the charge to deliver just that.

Accenture’s new report At the Future’s Edge reveals the sorts of innovations that are accelerating growth for the world’s most pioneering organizations. The report identifies five forces of change that must be embraced to capitalize on new technologies, to transform, and to grow:

  •     Force 1: Total Enterprise Reinvention
  •     Force 2: Talent
  •     Force 3: Sustainability
  •     Force 4: Metaverse Continuum
  •     Force 5: Ongoing Tech Revolution

Accenture & Cosmo Tech: Total Enterprise Reinvention

Cosmo Tech and Accenture are working together across these five forces, with some significant advances in the Total Enterprise Reinvention of the manufacturing sector. Along with Cognite and Microsoft, our AI-Simulation Technology is helping manufacturers make optimal decisions in uncertain and unpredictable times.
Accenture & Cosmo Tech: Total Enterprise Reinvention

Smart manufacturing with digital twin

As Accenture puts it, “Our cloud-based solution combines a digital twin of a production line with simulation and scenario planning capabilities: what-if simulations and how-to optimizations.” This AI-Simulation Technology means organizations can optimize profitability, productivity, and sustainability all at once. Thanks to innovative technological partnerships like these, companies can take a holistic view of their entire enterprise, navigate the shifting sands of the market, and truly find their forward.
Smart manufacturing with digital twin

At the Future’s Edge offers success stories of technological innovation from across the industrial landscape. Cosmo Tech is proud to creating the environment for a high performing sustainable future together with partners like Accenture and clients on the technological cutting-edge.

We’re excited to keep partnering with our clients and research partners, as we continue to look for ways to outmaneuver uncertainty by turning cutting-edge technology innovation into practical business applications